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Reason For the general consumption of the Panela

Although the organism has immunologic defenses against some attacks viral and bacterial, this, on the contrary completely without protection against the effects of the lack of vital elements. It is also unarmed in front of the lack of vitamins, minerals, oligoelements, etc.

At the present time they have been developed, in alarming form, certain called illnesses of the civilization". it is essentially of the calls lacking illnesses" that have been generalized for the gradual impoverishment of the modern, refined feeding and lacking of nutritional substances as the organic salts, the vitamins, the oligoelements, etc.

Until two centuries, fourth three parts ago of the nutritious necessities of the Westerners they were covered for the bread manufactured with integral flour, in the one which the one still cribble was present. This bread has disappeared practically in the modern feeding, today dominated by three products: white flour, meat and refined sugar.

These foods provide the man of the enough caloric portion, but, unfortunately, they don't fill the nutritional requirements. The effect of this deficit is increased by a not very well-known fact: the assimilation of these poor foods in vital substances, calls foods of empty calories, it cannot be made but in the measure in that the organism compensates it making use of its own reservations vital.

This way, the sugar, the oils and the refined flours. the same thing that the alcohol, only provides calories, but when not contributing vitamins neither minerals, makes that the human body consummates its own elements and they are presented, then, the calls nutritional lacks." This poverty of vital substances in the average feeding not it is noticed immediately and alone we realize her when the organic vigor, the self-defenses and the health are mined.


The primary cavity is typically an illness lacking and a true one lashes of the modern civilization. They are very sporadically in the human remains of the antiquity and their development it dates of about three hundred years ago, from the improvement of the industry would feed.

Today 98% of the human dentures of the developed countries you they are attacked by this wrong. The primary cavity can be considered as the symptom of a metabolic problem of nutritious origin that it attacks the whole organism. The nutritional deficiencies that cause the cavity is located preferential at the level of the hydrates of carbon.

The modern and refined foods lack necessary vital elements for the physiologic use of the hydrates of carbon. The sugar refined it doesn't contain the phosphates and the calcium, elements these that they are part of the dental structure and at the same time they constitute the cationes alkaline-potassium, magnesium, calcium that you/they are capable of neutralizing the excessive acidity, one of the main causes of the cavity.

The content of phosphates and calcium of the panela reaches it lauds levels nutritional required. These elements are also indispensable for the metabolism of the sucrose.

The doctor Max-Henri Béguin, medical pediatrician of The Chaux-give-Fonds, in Switzerland, and the biggest promoter in the consumption of panela among the infantile population, has carried out interesting investigations among 2364 children of 4 to 10 years, during the understood period between 1968 and 1978, and has found that among the children that only they consumed panela, the incidence of the cavity was extremely low. According to the doctor Béguin, the presence of the cavity is certain for the type of sugar that the children consume, this way: 82% among those refined consumers of sugar and candy.

51% among those that consume sugar moscabado and 9% among those that they only used panela. The main victim of the cavity is the first molar, which is formed in the infantile gum from the birth and it ends up when mineralizing and maturity toward the two years of age.

Toward the 6 years, the boy is generally victim of the cavity, the to mineralize complete of the denture it finishes around the 12 years. Most of the teeth that present defects in their micro it structures, due generally to metabolic dysfunctions, they will be attacked for the cavity in the mature age. the investigations continued for the Dr. Béguin has demonstrated that in the periods of rationing of the refined products -as it happened during the last war - a great decrease of the infantile dental cavity has been noticed.

He has also been that the isolated populations of the big ones urban centers, and among the primitive calls, the cavity is strange.

The Dr. Béguin concludes: "the refined white sugar produces the cavity dental. The panela prevents them when wastes away from the birth, as only source of sugar". Also, so that the boy's health, so much dental as integral, be really satisfactory, the prevention it should be made from their gestation.

For this reason, the pediatricians should recommend the use of the panela to the expectant mothers. The Dr. Béguin, besides their investigations on the cavity, makes reference to interesting nutritional aspects of the panela.

The high content in salts minerals of this natural product represents a benefit for the harmonic development, so much of the body as gives the infantile mind. The panela is very tolerated by the organism of the one recently born. It avoids the formation of gases and it prevents the constipación, due to their action slightly laxative.

The boy's development is made in gradual form, with stable increases of weight and it carves - the cases are not presented of gluttonous and hungry children that have been fed with flours and refined sugars. With the panela, the boy reaches the nutritional levels appropriate without exaggerating the nutritious quantity.

The iron that contains the panela prevents the anemia, since the contribution of this element to the recently born one wastes away to the few months and it should to provide him a rich feeding in assimilable iron so that their hemoglobin level remains stable

The magnesium fortifies of the nervous system, the children that have a normal level of this element is more active, more vivacious.

T he potassium, indispensable in the cellular life, it maintains the balance acid-basic and it combats the acidosis and the acetonuria.

The contained calcium in the panela helps to the formation of a better one denture and of stronger bones, the mineral salts and the vitamins they prevent the rachitis, and the panela water replaces advantageously the vegetable juices and of fresh fruits.

The panela also help to strengthen the infant's immunologic system and it prevents it of the illnesses of the breathing system and urinal, also of the impetigo, the estomatitis, the moniliasis, etc.

The prevention of the cavity in the infant also help to avoid the illnesses to articulate and especially the osteoporosis of the mature age.

Investigations are making in Italy on the effect of the panela in the sportsmen, in comparison with the sugar and the pure glucose, because it has been observed that that it doesn't produce the depressions hipoglicémicas of these other foods.

In Colombia, many doctors use the powder of the panela in the wounds and burns to accelerate the scaring process and still to protect against infections.