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Mission and Vision

That it is the Panlea?







Nutrition Facts



Our History

Conscious that the world problem in feeding is very big, for the one accustomed use of chemical in their prosecutions that exist alternative biological possible to implement, it arose us the idea of creating an agroindustrial company that gathered the characteristics necessary to elaborate a product hundred natural percent, biological, Ecological, this, one more, in covering those expectations of the poorest nations in the world and also those of the great industry of foods that you/they use to sweeten

Let us believe in 1994 The Company Producer of Biological Powdered Panela La Guarapera, took us 2 years to be able to constitute it completing the norms required by the Ministry of agriculture and other committed government institutions in the elaboration of nutritious products, starting from there there are offered to elaborate an excellent product, implementing technologies but also the natural knowledge that you/they have the peasants taking advantage of the region on their lands.

We develop arduous task of making aware to those farmers of cane of the region in producing biological panela, them we give knowledge of how to cultivate Humus and this more the waste organic as the manure of the animals and the use of minerals natural as the lime or the ashes of the oven, they serve from payment to those cultivations, the cane delays more time in its maturation but it is a better one product, with the commitment of all can go responding to those demands of the market without subtracting to that maturation process those degrees brix that are required to be good.

The prices are a little higher than the one of the one sugar or that of the Panela in trunk, due to these procedures, but the elaboration of those products cannot offer the degree of purity neither to avoid the humidity that impedes the proliferation of mushrooms. (To know price contacts us in our

We are able to supply the national market with a excellent level of acceptance on the part of the consumers achieving to displace partly to the competition. We have 8 trapiches at the moment adapted to the requirements to take out Panela powdered type La Guarapera.

How does take place? We already explain, the first part of the cultivation, the use of payments, you he/she makes them permanent maintenance clipping the overgrowths that proliferate, and when one acquires the good degree of maturity, you proceeds to make the cuts, it is washed before milling it, the masses of the grinding machine should to be very adjusted, it should have as minimum 2 precleaned of the cane juice, a filter is used in the end of the hose for where it passes the one cane juice to the caldron, there you remove the first froth of the sucar cane using running bowline bark, or bark of cocoa, to go the cane juice by a second bottom (caldron) a sieve is used which is added a filter of muslin, this way until obtaining a PH between 5.6 and 6 (not all the canes are capable to pulverize)

The packing unit is boxes of 14 Kilograms of 35 bags for 400gms each one.

Each box measures:

Long 33 cms.
High 26 cms.
Wide 21 cms.

1 container has capacity for 20 tons, each ton is 71 boxes of the previous specifications